The Orange Garden, also known as Parco Savello, is one of those places that you can find only in the eternal city. Surrounded by medieval walls, on top of the Aventine Hill, the Orange Garden is a romantic and peaceful place that offers a breathtaking view of the city, one of the most beautiful one in addition to Pincio and the Gianicolo.

The Orange Garden - Rome

The Orange Garden - Rome

A nice fountain will introduce you in this green terrace, characterized by the presence of bitter orange trees all around: I love going there at the sunset, the sky become a painting!

Going out from there, just down the street, in Cavalieri di Malta Square, you will find another pearl of this area. Looking at the right side, you will see a small hole in a large door and if you put your eye in that hole you will see St. Peter’s dome at the end of a tunnel of plants.

In no other place in the world, your eye can see something as amazing as this view!

From Hotel San Francesco you can reach the Orange Garden in 20 minutes, walking up to the Aventine Hill.

Author: our receptionist Alessia