It’s one of my favorite places since I moved to Rome, ten years ago.
Sometimes, when I need a break from the chaotic life of the city, I go there.

Appian Way is an ancient route and the most important built by Romans. That’s why it has been named “ Regina Viarum” (Queen of Roads). It was considered Rome’s gateway to the East and it connected Roma with Capua (near Naples).

The Appian Way is so rich of history. As you stroll or bike along the road, you'll see tombs of ancient families. One of the best preserved is the Tomb of Cecilia Metella, built for the daughter-in-law of a rich man.

Is also possible to go on an underground tour into the two major Christian catacombs, to see the niches where early Christians were buried. The Catacombs of San Sebastiano also has a historic fourth-century basilica with holy relics, while the larger Catacombs of San Callisto was the burial site for several early popes.

Ready for a travel that will take you back in time 2,000 years?

Useful information

Getting here from the center of Rome is easy; you can catch the bus 118 from Piazza Venezia. The best would be to come on a Sunday or holiday, when the whole park is closed to car traffic, and it becomes an endless pedestrian road.

A good starting point could be the info point in via Appia Antica 58/60,opened every day, where is possible to rent bikes. You can also enjoy a meal at the nearby cafè.

In addiction to the entry ticket, every sunday morning, Coopculture makes available to visitors a free guided tour to Villa dei Quintili and Cecilia Metella tomb.

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Author: our receptionist Cecilia